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High pressure 160 Psi Aluminum Floor Pump For Mountain Bikes E bikes

Aluminum Floor Pump

High Pressure Bike Floor Hand Pump Portable Bike Air Pump With Gauge Tire Cycle Pump For Bicycle

High Pressure Bike Pump

Bicycle Accessories Manual Pump Inflator Bike Harmony Manual Pressure Pump

Manual Pump Inflator

West Biking Bike Ball Pump Inflator Bicycle Floor Pump With Gauge For Presta

Bicycle Floor Pump

Portable Bicycle Accessories Air Foot Pump

Air Foot Pump

2024 Bicycle Accessories Bike Pump 160 Psi Customized Aluminium Alloy Or Steel Barrel Floor Pump Bike Foot Air Pump

Steel Barrel Floor Pump

Portable Operated Hydraulic Foot Pump For Car Mini High Pressure Bicycle Air Foot Pump

Operated Hydraulic Pump

Portable Psi Tire Inflation Inflators Air Pump For Car Tires And Inflatables Foot Pump

Portable Tire Air Pump

Wireless Tire Inflator Double Cylinder Tyre Parts Digital 12v Air

Wireless Tire Inflator

Electric Wireless Digital Air Pump For Car Tires Portable Car Tire Inflator Car Air Compressor Pump Bicycle Bike

Digital Air Pump

2024 Multi functional Portable Bicycle Cycling Bike Mini Air Pump Aluminum Alloy

Portable Mini Air Pump

Mini Cycling Bicycle Tire Air Pump Buy Mini Basketball Hand Air Pump

Mini Hand Pump

Bicycle Accessories Manual

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Import HKM pump manufacturers Easily from China. We have all you covered — An experienced solution provider for your bike parts accessories. We provide customized service for specific bicycle parts if you need them.  

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Product Details

Cycling Pump Funtions 2

Accurate Pressure Gauge

Max 160 PSI / 11 Bar high pressure capacity, accurate air pressure can be displayed when inflated, making it easier to visually see and fit easily into the proper pressure prevents accidental tire blowouts.

Equipped with One-piece metal barrel

Our bicycle air pump is made of metal, sturdy and durable, the slim appearance is extraordinary,One-piece base is more durable,Seamless metal barrel. High power, High Pressure. So that you can easily inflate

Wider and Thicker Pump Base-One

piece wider and ticker base for stability ,this road bicycle pump can handle the rough
terrain,more stable.

Widely Applications

HKM universal bike air pump can inflate for mountain, BMX and kids’ wide tires as well as the thinner,high-pressure tires found on road and commuter bikes, electric vehicles, motorcycles, air cushion, swimming ring, basketball,
football, air bed, and any inflatable balls toys.

Cycling Pump Funtions 1

Steps for bicycle pumps usage

1. Valves for multiple nozzles

2. Insert the corresponding

3. Insert and press down air nozzle on the latch

Multiple Funtions



Car pump




Road bike pump

Road Bike


Cooperation Process For Sourcing Pumps


Submit Your Requirements

Submit your product requirements, and we will have a professional business team responsible for connecting and giving you a quotation for your reference and answer various questions about bike pumps.


Confirm Your Orderdetails

We integrate all supplier resources, send you samples, and track production progress. Ensure that the production model, mark, color, and packaging meet the requirements.


Choose Your Transportation

If there is stock in stock, we will directly arrange delivery from the warehouse, conduct a thorough quality inspection of the finished products and arrange delivery.

Shipping Policies

How We Ship Your Goods from China

We help small and large businesses ship pumps to the port or your door. Explore the transport options to meet your needs.

Sea Freight 3

Sea freight

This is the cheapest but also the slowest shipping method. It can take 15 – 40 days to ship your goods from China to your destination port. We’ll choose to ship with LCL or FCL depending on the volume of your goods.

Air Freight 4

Air freight

This is the fastest shipping method. The shipping time from China to your destination airport is only 2 – 5 days. For goods above 500 kg, this will be a much more cost-saving way than international courier. 

Railway Freight 4

Railway Freight

We can help you ship goods to countries alongside the New Eurasian Land Bridge with either FCL or LCL. Railway express takes only half the time of sea freight while the expense is much cheaper than air freight.

shipping international courier

Express Shipping

We can arrange door to door logistics with all export and import taxes and expenses included for most countries and regions. Besides shipping to your private warehouse, we can also ship your goods directly to other third-party warehouses.

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