Ultra-lightweight and Ultra-wear-resistant Racing Product: KMC Black Diamond Chain Product Introduction

KMC's DLC series black diamond chain is strictly built to the standards of world players and top players. The chain uses Seiko Watch's Ti-CN diamond-like coating technology, which gives the chain a Pro-level surface hardness. The diamond-like coating improves the smoothness by 10 times. , has the advantages of low friction coefficient, high corrosion resistance and diamond-level wear resistance.
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KMC black diamond chains provide choices from 10-speed to 12-speed. The 12-speed adds an eye-catching 12-speed logo imprint on the appearance of the chain. At the same time, the chain shaft also has colors, which can help consumers easily identify the chain. And it has been fully optimized in terms of performance. The double DLC has 3 times the riding distance, allowing you to ride unimpeded in various riding environments.

Another feature of the KMC black diamond chain is the structural design made with exquisite craftsmanship, including exclusive high tensile strength and high rigidity material technology, precision heat treatment technology, chain piece functional design, chain shaft riveting method, etc., both internally and externally. Craftsmanship and technology create a racing product with excellent shifting performance, the highest chainshaft fitting force, the lightest weight, and super wear resistance.

KMC black diamond chain product introduction

Achieving the world’s thinnest chain quality, DLC not only has the technological appearance of shining black diamonds, but also has personalized multi-color matching, integrating top technology and quality concepts to show personal style and color aesthetics, surpassing top speed and shining brightly.


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