Quality Control

Quality starts with details

The keyword of our company is “bicycle”. We know the importance of quality to us. Quality supervision does not rely on quality inspectors but on experienced and skilled workers. Skilled workers can reduce errors and waste in the production process at the greatest cost. Every packaged bicycle or accessory will be weighed to ensure completeness。

Choice of the Best Raw Material & Parts Suppliers

Our Producing & Testing Process

Install tires

Skilled Workers Installing Bicycle Tires

Skilled workers are trained and experienced in installing bicycle tires with precision and attention to detail.They follow standardized procedures to ensure proper alignment, inflation, and fitment of tires on various bicycle models.

knitting circles

Placing Bicycle Rims

They follow manufacturer specifications and guidelines to ensure compatibility with different bicycle models and intended use (e.g., road cycling, mountain biking). Attention is paid to rim trueness and roundness during installation to avoid issues like wobbling or uneven braking.

bicycle decal

Bicycle decal

Skilled workers meticulously apply labels to each packaged part with precision and accuracy, using adhesive-backed labels or tags. Neat labeling not only enhances the aesthetics of packaged parts but also facilitates seamless identification and handling, streamlining logistics and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Hubs packaging

Individually Packaging Parts

Skilled workers use appropriate packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, or foam inserts to provide cushioning and support. Packaging procedures are standardized to maintain consistency and ensure parts arrive in pristine condition to end customers or assembly lines.


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