The Functions Are the Same, But What Has The Bicycle Pump “Changed” in The Past Hundred Years?

Looking back at the tool attribute of the pump, we have to talk about the birth of pneumatic tires. In Scotland in 1888, John Boyd Dunlop used his knowledge of rubber to create the first practical pneumatic tires for his child's tricycle. The advent of pneumatic tires was not only recognized by cyclists, but was quickly commercialized in Scotland.
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In addition to the pneumatic tire itself, the indispensable tool is the air pump. Judging from the current historical data, the air pump should have been first invented in the late 19th century, and the principle used by the air pump at that time was almost the same as that of modern air pumps, in which objects were inflated by pulling air.

The craftsmanship and technology of pumps made of different materials such as aluminum, iron and wood blocks have been improved visibly. However, the clamp-on air nozzle and the simple folding base are still unsatisfactory in terms of durability and support, making it difficult to achieve labor-saving and high efficiency.

Pump produced around 1980 2

Vertical Pump

In today’s modern trend, the basic attributes of the pump have continued to this day. At the same time, the vertical air pump also brings advanced additional functions such as high air pressure, high air volume, dual air nozzles, and air pressure display in terms of basic attributes. It not only avoids the dilemma of not having enough air pressure to start when inflating at home/travel, but also can do It’s effortless to cheer up easily.

The high-pressure inflator means that you no longer have to worry about insufficient air pressure and have to work hard. You only need to glance at the air pressure gauge to continue to complete the inflation.

In an era where everyone uses tubeless tires, how can we lose a vacuum pump? Installing a tubeless tire requires instantaneous input of a large amount of gas to rapidly expand and support it. This is a skill that ordinary pumps cannot achieve. At this time, the vacuum air storage/pump has time to show its talents.

Vertical vacuum gas storage inflator has a cylinder capacity of 370cc

The vertical air storage/inflator specially designed for tubeless tires not only has the function of storing air, but also has a special design for the built-in cylinder to ensure that the air volume is sufficient to achieve ideal output conditions.

Portable Pump

The emergence of portable pumps has become a blessing for cycling enthusiasts. They no longer need to be limited by the embarrassment of vertical pumps only existing in fixed places. Although the Sparrow is small, it has all the necessary features, whether it is carried in the car or carried in a bag, it can meet your cycling inflatable needs at any time.

Mini pump compatible with American French mouth and supports CO2 cylinders

Mini pump compatible with American French mouth and supports CO2 cylinders

The convenience of portable pumps is self-evident. Designs such as folding handles, hidden hoses, and hidden pressure gauges all bring a lot of convenience. In addition to meeting outdoor emergency needs, more advanced portable pumps can also be used with CO2 cylinders according to the function of the barrel.

There are already some portable pump products on the market that come with a water bottle cage mounting base, which provides a good detail experience in terms of convenience. However, the portable pumps on the market are not yet truly “light and fast”, and it will inevitably be more laborious to manually inflate them.

Electric Pump

The birth of the mini electric inflator has brought infinite possibilities to the development of inflatables. Its predecessor may have been called an inflatable bag/air pump, but their common goal is to abandon the image of manual inflating, and it is also an achievement that everyone wants to enjoy.

Whether it is car tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires or ball games, the inflator/pump that can be used for it is more often considered to be multi-purpose and versatile. However, it is large in size and noisy, and it lacks vital convenience for cycling enthusiasts.

The inflatable bag can preset a variety of inflation modes

The inflatable bag can preset a variety of inflation modes

Weight is a careful consideration for cycling enthusiasts, as it relates to the distance of riding and physical exertion. The many functions brought by overweight tools are a bit cumbersome at this time, and they are not suitable for “walking with weight” outdoors.


The pump, a tool-like item, has evolved over countless years, and its mechanical structure principles and methods are almost the same. Until the emergence of inflatable devices/inflatable pumps, the power of technology has allowed humans to no longer be constrained by inflating.


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